About Us

Voxpell is the new trendsetter in athletic and urban apparel that you simply can't ignore. With martial artists, yoga practitioners, and fitness enthusiasts in mind, our bold and distinctive designs make a powerful statement wherever you go. The word Voxpell, meaning "The Spell of Your Voice," inspires our motto, "Master Yourself," reminding you to stay true to who you are and seek the best version of yourself.

All our products are made using the latest textile technology, ensuring optimal comfort and performance during your workout and daily activities. Our designs are printed onto the fabric by last-generation, high-resolution printers with premium, fabric-specific ink for a vibrant and long-lasting visual. Our bestsellers include rash guards, yoga pants, athletic shorts, and t-shirts, all of which are made to order. This manufacturing approach guarantees a pristine product while also reducing overproduction and its resulting environmental impact.

But we don’t stop there. Some of our products incorporate recycled textiles, reinforcing our commitment to a more sustainable future. By choosing Voxpell, not only are you getting the best textile technology with the most stunning prints, you are also making a thoughtful purchasing decision!

Industry insiders and influencers alike have taken notice of Voxpell's innovative approach to athletic and urban apparel. Our remarkable designs and commitment to sustainability are making a significant impact in the industry, and we can't wait to see what we will build in the future with the support of our growing fan base.

Voxpell is the must-have apparel brand for the fashion-savvy, eco-conscious active individual looking for an edge in their wardrobe.