COVID-19 Announcement: All manufacturing and shipping times have been modified (Click for details).

COVID-19 Announcement

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed new challenges affecting our operation. Most orders are being manufactured/fulfilled within 20 to 25 business days of purchase date. We are doing everything possible to reduce this wait time as we begin to resume operations worldwide. However, we ask that our customers please calculate 20-25 business days for manufacturing when making their purchase. In addition to manufacturing time, customers must consider the shipping days selected when they completed their order.

At Voxpell, we have taken rigorous measures to guarantee the health and safety of our work teams around the world. Specifically, in our factories, we have implemented industrial safety and hygiene measures that match or exceed those recommended by the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC). During these difficult times, the well-being of our team members and customers is our priority. At the same time, we have remained operational so that we can continue to offer all the products Voxpell fans like so much. We appreciate your trust and understanding.